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Tulip Orange Favorite Bulbs

The huge-flowered, opulent and highly scented parrot tulip 'Orange Favourite'. It manages to cling on to its petals to coincide, just, with one of our favourite alliums 'Purple Sensation', which flowers from the middle of May.

They are available to order now with delivery in time for Autumn planting.

Bulb Size: 10up

Flowering: Spring

Colour: Orange

Units in Stock: 6 ekmProductVariantData[0] = { 'items' : [ { 'selector' : [{'option':'Quantity', 'value':'Pack of 10 Bulbs'}], 'properties':{ 'item0':{'elementId':'_EKM_PRODUCTSTOCK','innerHTML':'6'}}},{ 'selector' : [{'option':'Quantity', 'value':'Pack of 30 Bulbs'}], 'properties':{ 'item0':{'elementId':'_EKM_PRODUCTSTOCK','innerHTML':'9'}}},{ 'selector' : [{'option':'Quantity', 'value':'Pack of 100 Bulbs'}], 'properties':{ 'item0':{'elementId':'_EKM_PRODUCTSTOCK','innerHTML':'0'}}}]}
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Tulip Orange Favorite Bulbs

Tulip Orange Favorite Bulbs
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