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Multi Headed

This is not one of the official tulip classifications. However, many gardening catalogs will provide a section on Multiflowering Tulips, because these tulips are so popular. These are tulips that produce three to seven blossoms per bulb. The main stem of the plant branches into several smaller secondary stems, each of which produces a blossom.

Many of the Single Late Tulips have multiflowering varieties, as do the Greigii Tulips, some of the Triumph Tulips, and some of the Botanical Species Tulips. Multiflowering Tulips have the characteristics of the class that they derive from. Thus, it should be clear that Multiflowering Tulips will have a wide variety of characteristics, in terms of flowering time and height.

Because you need so few of them to make a bouquet, these tulips are fantastic cut flowers. They also look wonderful in flower beds and borders.

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